Rational Morality:
A Science of Right and Wrong

A modern, scientific approach to morality:

Rational Morality is the first entirely rational theory of morality. In an accessible yet thorough discussion it engages with the infamous ‘is-ought’ problem and introduces a solution, whilst forming a practicable, rational theory of morality.

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Why randomness doesn’t exist.

  We live our lives – more than we would imagine – hastily believing in a concept called randomness. I don’t just mean that we chalk up things that we don’t understand as random (though, we do). We also believe [...]

We must defend Muslims with everything we have, whilst moving society away from religion.

In the aftermath of last week’s events in France, opinion is torn as to where we go from here. The solution is very simple: we must defend the freedom of Muslims like anyone else’s, whilst moving society away from religious [...]

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