Rational Morality:
A Science of Right and Wrong

A modern, scientific approach to morality:

Rational Morality is the first entirely rational theory of morality. In an accessible yet thorough discussion it engages with the infamous ‘is-ought’ problem and introduces a solution, whilst forming a practicable, rational theory of morality.

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In Defence of Negativity

The literary world has a great history of embracing the unpopular, negative doubters. Countless tales – from 1984 to the Hunger Games – regale the reader with stories of that pessimist who spends the first part of the story being [...]

Why do leftist political parties moderate?

 or “That unpopular defence of Labour”   When political parties gain widespread attention, the key to their success often seems to be in moderating their views. Left or right, parties tend more toward the centre once they have a chance [...]

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