Rational Morality:
A Science of Right and Wrong

A modern, scientific approach to morality:

Rational Morality is the first entirely rational theory of morality. In an accessible yet thorough discussion it engages with the infamous ‘is-ought’ problem and introduces a solution, whilst forming a practicable, rational theory of morality.

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How the snp have all but closed down political debate in Scotland.

As the Scottish independence referendum came to a close in 2014, the high turnout suggested to the world that Scotland had found a political awakening. Yet the battle was mostly not one of reasoned political debate, igniting passion and interest, [...]

What really scares the ‘new atheists’?

John Gray’s recent Guardian article threatened to unearth the ‘New Atheists’ Achilles heel; what we are really afraid of. Yet, in reality, he provided nothing more than a few digs of the ‘atheism will never win’ type, swiftly backed up [...]

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