Rational Morality:
A Science of Right and Wrong

A modern, scientific approach to morality:

Rational Morality is the first entirely rational theory of morality. In an accessible yet thorough discussion it engages with the infamous ‘is-ought’ problem and introduces a solution, whilst forming a practicable, rational theory of morality.

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2015 was a tough year for humanity: here’s 5 ways you can change things in 2016.

The world watched innocent Parisian’s slaughtered, in a land of refuge, liberty and equality. Bombs rained down in Syria, UK politicians applauded passionate calls for joining the war, and the United States again refused to agree stricter gun laws despite [...]

On Islamic State, Politicians Don’t Even Know What Battle They’re In

Rarely do votes in parliament get covered in such detail – and with such an informed public – as the debate on whether the UK should bomb IS targets in Syria. The education for us largely began when terrorists struck [...]

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